27 January, 2009

Pally Power!

I haven't posted in quite a long time, largely due to my newfound (or perhaps just rediscovered) appreciation for my tankadin. Sure, sure, I love healing. Honest, I do. I never want to stop healing, but sometimes I could sure use a break. I found this release in rolling my pally from Holy over to Prot.

I have a full set of tanking blues gathered from questing, as my original intent was to spec Prot at 80. I didn't, I specced holy and started raiding as a healer. I certainly didn't regret it, but I still wanted to try out tanking. I took a hiatus from pally healing to switch over to my resto shaman, which was also fun, but it still smacked of healing far too much for my current tastes. So, yesterday, I specced my pally over to Prot. A few thousand gold later, I'm gemmed, enchanted, and sporting a few new BOE epics (what else was I supposed to do with my 31,000 gold bank account but buy fancy new toys?)*.

It's everything I could have asked for and more. It's neat to see the content "from the other side" so to speak. I feel like I'm putting my plate to good use. I wreck, essentially. AOE tanking is a complete and total blasty-blast.

And in response to this post over at Holy Discipline: I'm a cute, shiny little tank and I LOVE IT.<3

All that being said, brb, tanking Heroic Strat.

*Disclaimer: I play the AH like a fiend, and most of the gold I spent today I'll have made up tomorrow, so the 6,000g I dropped into a helm, ring, and gloves will be more than made up for. :P And no, you can't have any.*

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